Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"What the f*ck?" Wednesday

It's been a good week for WTF photos. I could probably publish a whole book on just WTF signs ... and why do they always seem to be in bathrooms?

This sign comes from a fancy sushi restaurant:

So the question is -- did someone really go to the most expensive sushi restaurant in town, head to the ladies room and decide to do pull-ups or something equally as stupid from this bar, and then break it/pull it out of the wall/crack their head open/or something equally as stupid? Because I don't think you put up a sign like that "just in case."

As I was shopping for Easter basket stuff this past weekend, I came across these. I know, it's probably quite telling that my mind went straight to the gutter, but do these look really PHALLIC to anyone else?

It took me a full minute to put the whole ear of corn thing together. (Because I was totally mesmerized and didn't bother to even read it. HA)

And finally, a WTF find from Sam's Club. I haven't bought any Boone's Farm in over 20 years, but I am fairly certain it costs at least $3.00 a bottle. WTF kind of nasty wine only costs $2.91?

This entire week has been filled with WTF moments, but some of the most entertaining have been from the rodeo (I'm volunteering this year), so expect a recap next week. Rodeo WTF is a whole new ballgame, folks!

P.S. Totally forgot to congratulate my friend Kim on her BIG WIN at my 9
th annual Oscar bash. She won the Golden Biatch by a landslide. The Biatch had some major "work" done this year, so she is looking hotter than ever, especially in her new dress holding her very own little Oscar statue. (And she's completely recovered from her near death experience thanks to a certain Deucebag!) I'm sure Kim will put her in a place of honor for the next 12 months.


Cocotte said...

Definitely phallic like. Except for the 'soft and chewy' part.

Trix in the City said...

I didn't get the corn thing either... until I read what you wrote!

Can't wait to collect The Golden Biatch! I've got a spot cleared out waiting for her!!! Woo Hoo!!

KB said...

Looks like you're in good company, didn't get the ear of corn at all, went straight to phallic.