Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Thoughts on Men

Welcome to my Monday mind dump. Hope you aren't looking for something important to read. ;)

Ricky Martin came out today
This is going to KILL my friend Jeanne, who has been insisting he was not gay for about 12 or 13 years now. And the best part, today is her birthday. LOL

Men are getting weirder
At lunch, a coworker revealed that several men she has met online (3 or 4 in row) lied about their age. When did the tables turn? I didn't think men were subjected to ageism. The crazy part is that it was only by a few years (39 instead of 43). What the hell difference does that make?

I love Joe Biden's F-bomb
I know it's not appropriate to cuss on TV, but clearly that part was an accident. Doesn't anyone find it refreshing that the vice president turned into a normal dude for one second and really enjoyed the enormity of the situation he was in? I think it totally rocks.

And now for the serious bit
I found out over the weekend that someone I used to date was killed in a rather horrific way. The thing that has me stumbling around in my emotions, is that this person was a total ass. He lied to me about being married, led me on for months, and basically broke my silly little 25-year-old heart. So while it made me sad when I heard, and I find it very tragic, and I am incredibly sorry for his children, I didn't even shed a tear. And now I feel really, REALLY guilty for that.

Ridiculous, right??


Cocotte said...

Yes, men are definitely getting weirder!

Trix in the City said...

They lie about their HEIGHT too! Like we're not going to figure out that they aren't 5'11" when we meet them... and we're taller than them... and we aren't 5'11"!

KB said...

I LOVED the Biden F-Bomb and I think everybody having a cow about it should get over themselves. Seriously, whether or not you agree with all (or any) of the bill getting it passed was a BFD. :) Go Joe.

Lulu said...

I totally agree with Trix about the height thing. Back in my online dating days, it was always the guys who said they were 5'9"
5'9" doesn not equal same size as Lulu wearing flops.

Jeanne said...

Ha Ha Ha - just got to your blog and even I have to laugh at your Ricky Martin comment - I still love him, he's adorable!! I read that he came out for his boys... I love all that he does for charity too - it's not just his gorgous face!! :)

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